Back when I was a ski and bike racer, there was always a moment in preparation for a big race where you had to acknowledge that you had done everything you could to be ready; at that point it is only a question of executing your plan.

For The Cells, that moment is now: we have rehearsed as much as a group of middle-aged hipsters with families can and now all we can do is give everything when the time comes to take the stage tomorrow at Tim’s Tavern in North Seattle.

Besides memorizing our set, there are a few nagging items to take care of; not least was my unfinished guitar project. On a whim one afternoon, I decided to cut a hole in one of my Les Pauls and install a third pickup. Because reasons. And possibly wine.

The pickup installation itself went fine, but when I took a huge gouge out of the maple top when enlarging a hole for a toggle switch, the project scope increased to include refinishing the guitar. After several iterations where I inadvertently learned more about lacquer than I anticipated, I have finally finished the project.


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